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imageBefore 1989, every military recruiter told countless a huge number of teenage boys and some women considering military service, they would be guaranteed unequaled heath care benefits for serving a minimum of two decades. These benefits were taught, as part of the curriculum, in Recruiting Schools and Career Counselor Training Courses as a possible incentive for joining and re-enlistment. During all of the prior a lot of training, there isn't any documentation of even a single recruiter or counselor questioning the validity of the we were holding promising. There was pointless, they were told the same thing after they joined and retirees were receiving promised healthcare. Sadly, since 1989, it has not been the situation as well as the phrase "the truth changes" increasingly can be used when talking about most promises made by our government.

In 1975, I decided to sign up the Navy. The first step of the process involved testing, physical, classification and a lot desirable, the promise, in substitution for two decades' service, free health care for me and my immediate family for the remainder of us. I joined and I served 2 decades retiring in 1995. The words left out of the promise were "space available." Initially, this omission wasn't important. Today, it's great significance. The reason; the military has downsized considerably as time passes and for that reason, you will find fewer doctors, nurses, other medical professionals, and also hospitals to supply space available health care. They are the words now being used as justification to improve Military aviation magazine health care benefits.

Most believe recruiters and career counselors have lied to military retirees and disabled service members, especially since 1959 when Congress enacted the "space available" addition to military Health Care. This was the very first of a quantity of laws enacted to relieve and limit entry to Keep Our Promise to America's Military Retirees Act 0f 2003 acknowledges promises of lifetime medical care were made and broken for quite some time after these laws were passed.

The quandary, Congress along with the Joint Chiefs, never ordered military recruiters to stop promising free medical care forever. Today, Congress blames recruiters for lying to new recruits. I wonder on the number of members from the Congress who recruiters informed their Health Benefits would extend for life if they served 20 or more years; now respond with ignorance of recruiter promises. In 1969, there have been 329 veterans or retired in the home and senate. Over time, the number with military service has dropped to its current degree of 121. Their collective wartime service includes World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

They all knew upon enlistment or commissioning some great benefits of joining the military and retiring. All who retired received or are receiving the advantage of this promise. Yet, once they entered the Congress or Senate, they treat addressing recruiter promises as taboo, avoiding any mention of military recruiters lying in their mind about benefits.

I was in Navy Recruiting in approximately 1989, when we were informed to cease and desist telling prospective and new recruits about any guarantee of free medical forever. Although it was known since about 1959, Congress never gone to live in denied promises created by recruiters just weren't authorized or had have you ever been guaranteed through legislation.

When I went to Recruiting School in 1986, i was taught free healthcare was obviously a critical recruiting tool, again, "space available" had not been mentioned. Benefits were major compensation in enticing recruits to sign up military services. I found this to be true plus it was one from the major reasons behind my success in recruiting.

The recruiter just isn't at fault in this deception of millions, and so they would not lie, nor did I. It was the Congress who knew what was being promised, yet did nothing to legitimize. Hundreds of members from the Congress served in the military and knew what recruiters promised, yet allowed continuation. They knew these folks were promising benefits not condoned or sustained by legislation and turned their heads because recruiting was successfully meeting the stress of National Security.

The military is really a unique extension of American society. Our pay and benefits pale as opposed to our civilian counterparts. If you will find no incentives for military retirement; if congress is able to erode the advantages of today's retirees and disabled; how then do those entering the service or deciding to remain, believe promises they may be being guaranteed. Verbal Agreements are apparently enforceable only within the civilian sector; ignored in the government, they are subject to denial and change at discretion.

The dilemma looming largest around the military horizon, will our President and Congress force the inclusion of "buyer beware" like a disclaimer warning future recruits, "the truth changes" in relation to benefits promised."

Author Note: This article won't address CHAMPUS or TRI-CARE as programs that have existed since 1967. It address what recruiters and career counselors knew before about 1989 for making promises which are sanctioned however, not legislatively authorized.

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