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Learn by doing. I was one of those kids growing up that could not put down my erector sets. I worked on projects for way too long, until I figured out how to tweak the pulleys and motors to do exactly what I wanted them to do. I had to master it before I was able to move on to somethings else. Call it a personality flaw, OCD, or whatever - this drive kept up with me through my first Commodore VIC-20 and so on until now. Basically, I like to dive in, get my hands dirty, Judi Poker figure out the details, and then try and master the challenge before moving on.

Bad Girls Club Alum Judi Jai Kicked Off Cruise \u0026 Stranded ...Sometimes I pinch myself and think about what an interesting time we live in. So many changes happening in the world and the effect the Internet is having on this. Every day I read and about new technologies that are changing the landscape for so many industries. How is it possible that in the last handful of years the music, print publishing, radio, TV, financial, etc. industries - all have been materially affected by technology and the Internet, thus changing decades of process and business models? What's next? How can we all understand the changes and keep ahead of the curve?

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